I woke up this morning next to Jesscita. We were sleeping by 12:06 a.m. I might have stayed up a bit later. It coulda gone either way. But the par-tay at her howse went on without us, and then we woak up this morning and went to the breakfist and then watched an episoad of the “Monk” and then I went home. Then I went to the grocery store and bought things. Then I made lots and lots of whole wheat pancakes with razzberries. A yummy breakfist for following days. And I also bot the things to make meatloaf and smashed potatoes with.

These aren’t resolutions, but they are some things I’d like to do in 2007. The perennial resolution is to journal more. Last year, I bot a red 2007 journal book and promised a page a day. It lasted a month or so. But I do tend to blog regularly, so perhaps a personal journal online might werk. The second thing I’d like to do is to cook more. I am a pretty decent cook, and I do want to eat more healthfully (an adverb, not the more-often misused adjective), and so I want to cook more. And to do more. Maybe to even get involved in an issue or something. I dunno.

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