A limerick for Rachel Barnhart, candidate for mayor, Rochester. By Aaron B. Pryor.

Uber is not a tuber
It’s a personal body mover
But Rachel is mad
Says the city’s a cad
And that Lovely Warren’s a goober.


The weird thing about this artistic statement I’ve made here is that I think Barnhart’s obsession with the Uber issue is weird, and I don’t see how it serves her well in her campaign.

I mean, there is a larger issue to concern one’s self with regarding something like Uber: What is the role of the sharing economy in our live and should it have a place? Is it worth diplacing hard-working cab drivers and bus drivers to expand that business to amateurs, who do not have to be licensed and regulated by a government entity?

I don’t know if Rachel Barnstorm is for or against Uber. You can bet your tank of gas you won’t get me into one of those cars. How about instead of squirting all over the place with nuance about conflicts of interest and stuff people can’t follow, you tell us if you are for bringing ride-sharing to Rochester or not?

That might be useful. All this other stuff is nonsense.

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