Them Bats Is Smart

A co-worker went on and on yesterday about a place called Bathtub Billy’s. Seemed like a sign to me. New Saturday lunch junket for DOD and me. And it was pretty good. Decent burger, CB on tap.

I walked right to the bar and sat down. I have never been to this place before.

I happened to sit right next to this handsome fellow:

You are remembered and missed, Mr. Aaron Pryor, my unintentional namesake.

So of late I have become somewhat interested in trying new grooming methods. I have come to enjoy running a boar-hair brush through my hair, what’s left of it, and am testing beard oils and learning their proper use. Today, I took delivery of my razor start kit from Harry’s. Razors, sadly, are a product it’s too easy to procrastinate replacing, and that’s not good for shaving. Harry’s will be sending me eight blades every three months for about $16.

I know. This is exciting stuff.

Over supper, DOD reminded me of a classic David Letterman bit: Them bats is smart. They use radar. I had forgotten completely about this bit and had to look it up to even place the source. The audio is not good here. But, here it is: The bats is smart. They use radar. By David Letterman.

Forgive me if I go around saying this a lot for the next couple of weeks.

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