Take A Load Off, Annie!

“Who is this?” asked one altakaka to the other at where everyone knows my name where I had lunch today. “Is this Genesis?”

“No,” said the other altakaka. “It’s Peter Gabriel.”

The song was “Land of Confusion.”

“Oh, wait, I know.” said Altakaka Number One. “It’s Phil Collins.”

“It’s Genesis,” said the barkeep.

I tried not to sound annoyed when I finally cleared it up for everyone. “It’s Genesis. It’s Genesis with Phil Collins.”

“Huh,” said Altakaka Number One. “It’s not Peter Gabriel?”

“No,” I confirmed and returned back to my Kindle and my BLT.

“Now, who is this now?” asked AK#2. The song: “Here Comes the Feeling.”

“It’s Asia,” I answered. Oh! Yes! He exclaimed back. Asia!

Then, “Old Man Down The Road.” “Hey, do you like these guys?” asks AK#1 to AK#2.

“Yeah, but this isn’t that band. It’s that guy by himself.”

Correct. Score one for AK#2. This was a John Fogerty solo effort after he left CCR.

Shortly, “The Weight” played. “Hey, you know who this is, don’t you?” Altakaka Number Two shook his head. “It’s that Bob Dylan with The Band.”

No, I uttered interally. It’s just The Band. That’s Levon Helms singing.

Levon Helms.

I hadn’t intended to play musical trivia today. But I am glad to report that I cleaned AK#1 and AK#2’s clocks.

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