Salad Shooter

Some time a long long time ago, I apparently said to my long-time best buddy Geoffrey that I thought “Doolittle” by The Pixies was a good musical effort and he might want to check it out. What he thought I said was that he should become a mouth-foaming Pixies fan and should learn ever word and inflection of every lyric and scream and burping yelp Black Francis ever uttered.

So sometime at the start of this year, I mentioned to my buddy that The Pixies would be playing in Buffalo. Before I knew it, he was gonna fly up here and we were gonna go to the show.

So that was this weekend. What a cool time.

It was in jeopardy as about Tuesday I realized I had contracted the yech. Sore throat, snot, croupy voice, sinus aches. Weirdly, lots of sneezing, which I usually do not encounter with the yech. So there went two additional days of PTO. Glad I took them, though. Two days of mostly sleeping can do a lot, and I did not want to be feeble for said weekend.

Still wasn’t at my best Friday when I went to pick up fellow bandito. And it was raining. After a quick stop at home base, I determined that a run to Quimby’s was in order. Then a run to Record Archive. Followed by beers at Victoire. Despite the rain and my fatigue, I managed to show my good friend some of the best of our fair city. Then there were birthday celebrations at Farm Gonfalon. Etcetera. Blah.

Sunday morning we shuffled on off to Buffalo.

The Wyndham Garden is highly recommended, though for some reason, when you ask the staff “where is a good place to go have lunch and watch football,” the first word out of their mouth is not “Tully’s.” Duh.

That was a nice football day. Charlotte won. Buffalo won. Tully’s fed us and filled us with beer. Thank you, Megan.

After some recuperation time, we headed out for the show. When we arrived, the openers were on. And, frankly, I think Sunflower Bean is quite a discovery.

Is this an ’80s throwback? Sort of. These kids are great live, though. If you get to see Sunflower Bean, do.

And The Pixies? Sublime, of course. By which I mean they were good, not that they played ska-core music.

2 thoughts on “Salad Shooter

  1. It was a great weekend!

    Once again, thank you and your folks for your hospitality!

    I apologize for my mania- I was very excited for the weekend and such.

    You are a great host!

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