Happy ElisReginaBirthday

Many years ago, I was doing some research into the song “Waters of March,” a song which, as performed by Jane Monheit, just haunts me. And I came upon this.

This discovery was one of those life-changing moments. Because after I viewed it, I had to know who that woman is.

Who she was was Elis Regina. Here she is becoming famous:

Anyway, I bought this album, and it’s become one of my favorite things. I would put this record next to Led Zeppelin IV, Only In It For The Money, Innervisions, SOTT, and The Man Who Sold the World. It is glorious.

I often cite this as one of her finest performances, which it is:

Also, and I just found this, here’s one of her singing in English. That’s weird.

Elis Regina died in 1982 at 36. Same old story, too much booze, cocaine, and something called temazepam. It was like when Elvis died: “More than 15,000 people, among friends, relatives and fans, held her wake at Teatro Bandeirantes, in São Paulo, with large groups of fans singing her songs. More than 100,000 people followed her funeral procession throughout São Paulo. She was buried in Cemitério do Morumbi.[9]”

Anyways, kids, while yinz are donning green and slurping beers, I will be thinking about Elis Regina on her birthday. Give her music a try. Your life will improve.

Hey, here’s some other good music. Courtesy of alicublog.

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