Two years ago today, a young man named Justin Warner won the coveted title of “Food Network Star” on a cable television channel called “Food Network.”

When I moved to Rochester, I initially lived with my family out in farm country, and my Dad and I would watch this program. We were impressed with Justin’s victory and thoroughly enjoyed his one-off, Rebel Eats. We were surprised as were many people that there was no follow-through on the show’s promise, that Justin would work with guru Alton Brown to create sort of a reconstructed Good Eats.

When I moved to my own place, I ordered Internet but eschewed cable. I plopped an HD antenna in the window and dusted off the Tivo. I knew there would be things I would miss about not having proximity to cable television, first among them being Food Network.

However, I’m here to tell you that one can survive without it. In fact, these days, when I can see Food Network programming…I feel a bit overwhelmed by it.

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