Rewriting History

I have lately been embarking on a new project here at the 8WK.

Doing a bit of editing.

You might think, how can you edit a blog that’s been around since March 2001? It’s ridiculous, you’re being ridiculous, now on your bike, good chap.

Well, I can. It’s a living document, that’s what makes it so vital. I can fix or delete broken links. I can overhaul categories to make things easier to find. I can try to fix or replace pictures. I can edit to enforce a more cohesive editorial style. I can even add entries retroactively.

For instance, I created this nice Thanksgiving entry from 2011 by rummaging through my Twitter archive.

There are some handy add-on tools to help with such a process, including:

  • Broken Link Checker
  • Jetpack by
  • Multi-column Tag Map
  • Static Random Posts Widget
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar
  • WP HTML Sitemap

It just seems like something I’ve put so much into all these years ought to be more complete. And, it gives me a nice organizational construct with which to retrace my steps a little.

Not to mention, I’m finding lots of KITEEH PICTOORS.

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