Hot Blooded

My Dad and I find that the best stuff at the Xerox International Rochester Jazz Festival is usually at the little venues on and around Winthrop Street. Probably the best acts around last year were at the Little Theater, whereas when I took him to tour the currently not-open Hart’s Local Grocers, we found a nice jazz combo performing standards at the 2Vine next-door. Vocalist was Lindsey Holland. You can find what the 2Vine has in store for the rest of the week, re: Jazz Festival, here.

I got to hear the Lou Gramm sound check in the afternoon and scoped out another observation about the neighborhood: If the sign in the window is an indication, Stromboli Express will be moving across the street and will become “Stromboli Restaurant.” My hope is that this means you’ll be able to grab a beer with your slice. I also hope it won’t mean that long pants are required. All that pizzeria could use is permission to draw from taps. Much more ambiance than it already has could poke a hole in it.

Anyway, we arrived in front of the Lou Gramm Band stage just in time to hear the epic classics and, not to mention, just in time to miss the sappy power ballads. They played “Hot Blooded.” They played “Jukebox Hero.” I was happy.

Here was my view.

Jazz Fest Lou Gramm Band

Please pray for my yogurt. It’s really starting to lose its whey.

“Pee, for lack of a better word, is good. Pee is right. Pee works.” (Gordon Gekko, urologist)

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