Window 2.0

This time I heard the folded up notice as it was slipped under my apartment door as I was trying to catch one more little nap before it was time to make ready for the job. I managed to roll over and catch a bit more sleep before rolling out of futon for shower.

I reviewed the note. Building management will have contractors in my apartment tomorrow to “complete work on a window in your bathroom.”

I hated to have to tell them that there is not a window in my bathroom.

But I did anyway. I gave the office a ring and told the guy the contractors could spare themselves the trip because, I promise. There is no window in my bathroom to work on.

He had to put me on hold to check. Then he came back.

“No, no,” he said. “They’re going to INSTALL a window in your bathroom. There’s apparently a frame for it, and they’re going to put one in.”

So, there’s that. At some point tomorrow, there will be guys in my apartment taking a sledge to the wall.

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