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Before I recount my incredible adventure to sunny Edinboro, Pa., a personal and/or blog note. I am not certain exactly what I’m doing with this blog and Adventures. The latter’s been abandoned lately for this, and I may consolidate completely. This new environment gives me more to work with, and besides, the editorial purpose of “Adventures” has just gone flat. I have imported a buncha entries from that to this for the sake of archives. I’m still not sure about closing the other. Bloggers may understand this sort of aphasia, I think.

Anyway. I would like to briefly note that a person has recently discorporated permanently who may have occassionally read this blog and/or its previous version. It happened late April, but I’ve only recently found out. She was often my intended audience, though not so much lately, but I am sad nonetheless to learn that I can no longer even pretend that she might be reading.

I had a nice visit to The Lake, though I killed a deer en route, right before Breezewood. Damned thing just jumped into my car and ended up twitching on the highway behind me. When that happens, you can’t stop, either, because you’re right in the thick of traffic. So you end a critter’s life and you just have to keep driving. I stopped at a garage to ask them if I needed to report it and to get a precursory look at the jammed-in wheel well. Esther was driving okay, so I was all right for the trip up.

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