“This is for why I wasn’t born like my brother, handsome and tall”

This line, from the previously mentioned song “Lady Cab Driver,” likely refers to Prince’s half-brother Duane Nelson, who in their high school days was on the basketball and football teams and actually became related to Prince when he was 14 and his father remarried. Ronin Ro writes that people in high school always felt Duane had Prince’s back. Duane would later go on to head up security at Paisley Park but would later become estranged. He died in 2013. More on Nelson at that time from the famous C.J.

Apologies for the random fact. I’ve picked up Ro’s Inside the Music and the Masks again. And you might imagine how excited I am by the Prince news that a new release is forthcoming in June. Yeah, well, I’m not, and I don’t think I’m the only Prince fan who is somewhat underwhelmed.

So when Prince gave an artist a song, he would hand them a tape. He would have done at least most of the tracks, the rhythm, the melodies, and the vocals. He pretty much expected the artist to deliver the track as originally conceived. Sometimes, as was the case for “A Love Bizarre,” for example, Prince’s guide vocals stayed on the track.

June’s upcoming release is those.

So, let’s recap. Since April 2016, they have released a deluxe Purple Rain, with many extras but no real effort to produce it; two best-of collections; Piano and a Microphone 1983, which is basically demos and sound checks; and now Originals, which is a buncha more demos.

Folks: If The Vault doesn’t exist, just say so, okay?

The HitnRun phases are a perfectly great place to close out the catalog. They are wonderful recordings that I would place anywhere in the Prince universe regarding their excellence. He even seems to say a nonchalant “goodbye” at the end of Phase Two’s last track, “Big City.” It’s rather perfect. Just close the catalog and admit that there are no more Prince albums.

By the way, there is a pile of material Prince fans are clamoring for. Release the out-of-print Jill Jones. Release The Family. Release Dez Dickerson’s album. Release a deluxe Parade and include the 10-inch Mountains. Release a deluxe ATWIAD and include the 10-inch “Raspberry Beret.”

I mean not to get too negative, but I don’t really need Prince’s recording of “Dear Michaelangelo,” “Sex Shooter,” “Manic Monday,” or “The Glamorous Life.” And I have never cared and never will that he wrote a song for Kenny Rogers, so the “You’re My Love” demo isn’t high on my list, either. Mainly, though, I think this release delivers Prince fans a message: The Vault is a myth. There are no new Prince albums, and nor are there creative, innovative people in charge right now of whatever is there.

I don’t reckon I’ll be dashing over to the wrecka stow for this one.

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