Dear XM Radio

I have a design idea.

I own a Pioneer Inno, and I enjoy it very much. However. I have always had some trouble organizing myself enough to plan for recordings. When I am most engaged with the radio, I am not in front of the Internet to see your schedule. I am on a subway car. So I often have missed the opportunity to program my radio with some of my favorite programming. I can always remember when XM 53’s ska show is on and when “Duped” is on, but I always miss Tom Petty’s show, which I enjoy very much. I know it seems stupid since his show is on all day Thursday, and since XM could not do more to promote its own programming across its channels. As I said, though. I am most engaged with the product when I am not in front of your schedule.

So I have set up my radio now to record channel 1 for an hour a night, at 2 a.m.

This offers me a frequent reminder between my programming of what’s on, and if I hear something I’d like to try, I can change modes and do the scheduling right on the spot. I am much more inclined to respond to this, since the entire advantage of the Inno is that it is an on-the-spot kind of radio anyway. However, this leads to other problems. When I am listening to MyXM in random mode, my listening is monopolized by the 30-second promos! It is a good scheduling reminder, certainly, but at some time I’d like to get to some programming!

My design idea is this.

What if I had the option to enable a 5 percent buffer in my MyXM memory to automatically record a loop of your Channel 1? The content of this recording would be segregated from the rest of the bunch, so I could random skip through my content, but if I get in the mood to do scheduling, I could bump over to that buffer and listen, but my regular content would not be tainted by intense promos of XM programming!

This would also be an utterly handy feature for your traffic and weather channels. If I could switch to a segregated buffer of memory to get my weather while I’m out of range, that would be most helpful. Again, bear in mind that often the time I am most engaged with the device is when I’m out of range of even the most powerful of your terrestrial repeaters.

I love the Inno, but I do find that it has a problem with ease of use and organization. This ability to further segregate buffers of memory would be an incredible boon to users.

Just a suggestion. I know you poor people have a lot on your minds right now. Screw those NAB a-holes and John Kerry (said the Dem party loyalist). I want Howard Stern on my Inno!

Thanks for listening dude.

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