Grocery Adventure! and a Shameless Plug

Here in Rochester, not only are we hunkered in against the famous SARS-CoV-2 virus*, but we are now promised that tomorrow, we’re going to get some pretty fierce storms.

And, because the decision of whether or not to go to the grocery store is more weighty than it used to be, I’ve been in a quandary about it much of the morning. The items I needed seemed insignificant considering the risk. Honestly, I needed Coca-Cola and salty snacks. These are not healthy things to eat, but they do help keep me invigorated through an eight-hour shift of sitting in my bedroom office (working at home since 3/19, woohoo!) processing trouble tickets. So, due to the impending storms, it’s either go today or don’t go until Wednesday morning.

So I was geared up to roll out to BJs, which I did, only to discover that BJs did a nice thing and closed for Easter Sunday.

Wegpersons, then. I went in and did my best to keep my distance. I still have not procured a mask and frankly think the whole mask hysteria is silly, and I am in and out anyways. I do notice people in the store, some of them wearing masks but fucking around on their phones. If you’re fucking around with your phone instead of focusing on filling your cart and leaving ASAP, are you really helping anyone by wearing a mask? Why are people focused on such stupid shit? OMG THERE’S A PANDEMIC. HOW WILL I EVER WIPE MY ASS. I MUST GET ALL THE TEEPEE AUGH

Due to that stupidity, Wegpersons now only carries their own store brand of toilet paper, and it sells them by the roll (individually wrapped) ($.99). One per customer. So you bet I threw one in my cart even though I’m good on TP for now. For me, I just want to fill my cart, check out, and get home so I can wash my hands.

So. That was my Sunday. All this to get to a shameless plug for my Dear Old Dad, who has started a blog of his own. My Pop is a voracious reader and as well an incisive writer. He and I share a trait that our careers started in print journalism, and once you’ve been a newspaper reporter, it never really leaves you no matter where you end up. Dude is still covering his beat and doing it well. I congratulate him on his new space on the Internet at Plague Journal 2020.

*Of which President Carnage said on Feb. 26: “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero” and which has now killed more than 21,000 Americans

Monroe County COVID-19 today:

6,833 Test Results Received
6,065 Negative Results
768 confirmed cases
97 hospitalized
36 Patients in ICU
520 in mandatory quarantine
223 in isolation
434 recovered
50 deaths

1 thought on “Grocery Adventure! and a Shameless Plug

  1. Enjoying the new “plague blog” your dad is writing. Life at the farm is interesting and often funny. At least the way he tells it. And yes, once a reporter yinz just can’t stop it!

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