Bernie Is Just All Right With Me

I was always a strong advocate of the social platform known as Twitter. Professionally, I have attended social media workshops and spent the last year or so of my last Big Professional Gig trying (weirdly unsuccessfully) to advocate to a medium-sized advocacy group in Washington, D.C. to use Twitter. (Since my departure, they have embraced the platform and currently have 10.5K followers.)

The thing with Twitter is its utter immediacy, which I used to call “the fierce urgency of Twitter.” I do think it helps to attend a meeting where you have active tweeters to understand the conversations that can be had in the cloud via Twitter. It can be an effective medium.

So it was via Twitter yesterday that I first stumbled upon the big announcement. Bernie Sanders was endorsing Joe Biden. I clicked in and got to hear the two fellows having a conversation via some sort of video hangout.

It was, I think, a momentous event toward our efforts to retake the White House in 2020. A true detente! It was clear from the conversation that Biden was making a genuine effort to embrace Sanders, and that Sanders wants to bring all of his heft to this effort.

So, thank you Bernie Sanders, thank you, Joe Biden, for doing what’s right and better. I believe the Democratic Party has actually managed to select the absolute right candidate for our times. Joe Biden has an element of empathy that is sorely lacking in the current occupant that will draw a significant contrast.

And the Biden endorsement sweepstakes continue. Look for President Barack Obama to endorse Biden today. On we roll.

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