President Obama Speaks on the Fight Against Ebola

In the previous post, my new favorite Internet comedian Amber “Smiles” Jones did a great job unpacking an astonishing keystone component of a speech President Barack Hussein Obama gave to the National Institutes of Health gave on December 4, 2014.

Here is the entire speech. You should watch it. May it remind you what a great president is actually like.

If you’d like to read it instead, the text is here.

I may revisit this speech from time to time in the next month or so. I may. I think it’s worth some more unpacking. Because there is a lot here that is relevant now, that speaks generally to the Obama presidency versus the current regime of Dear Leader President Carnage of the Infinite Oblivion.

For starters: The right wang always liked to razz Obama about needing a teleprompter.

Are you seeing that here?

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