Facebook Album Challenge: Day One

I have once again been nominated to do the whole album list thingie on Facebook, by world champion band-name mashup queen Liza Belmonte. Additional level of difficulty: I’m making myself blog them here before I post them to the facedbook, so they don’t get lost in the ether.

You are supposed to post 10 album covers for 10 days that have impacted affected your life, with “no explanation.” However, there are some of I may just have to blab about.

Like this one. All I have to say about this is that I don’t remember exactly when I was made aware that this exists. It was fairly recently.

But when I learned of this album’s existence, I felt like the luckiest boy in the whole world.

Day One of this iteration:

2 thoughts on “Facebook Album Challenge: Day One

  1. Affected. Impacted refers to the condition of your colon or molars. It’s a pet annoyance (I hate the word peeve). I know I have lost the battle against the general use of “impact” in this context, Still, I labor on.

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