Is it raining with you

Another thunderstorm just passed through. I enjoyed watching it. Most days, I would be fighting my co-workers for tickets this time of night. Instead, I’m off this week, so the only thing that got done in my home office today was to move some more stuff around and to once again regorganize the 2 Tone Collection ska comp in my iTunes. Many of those tracks had as many as four tracks on my Mac. This for a two-disc comp whence I only really like the first disc.

Ska comps are the shit. But they can really screw up your iTunes flow.

So I’ve pretty much torn up the apartment. I mean nothing was working. And I’m stuck in here with a mullet and some booze. I do have a new pair of thinning shears which helps with the hair, but I’m no CHICK WHO WORKS AT SPORT CLIPS.

Dinner is ready soon, a frozen seasoned chicken breast via sous vide, with rice via Zojirushi. This is one of the few things I have learned to cook consistently well. That chicken is gonna be delicious.

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