Monday Already?

It was a good weekend I reckon, though not as productive as one might have liked. This seems common. I mean, sometimes, you just have to nap, I guess.

Dad came over for lunch Saturday, and we gave Joker another try. He brought ribs and sides from Sticky lips, and I had beer. I was pleased he finally got to enjoy the brilliance of this film.

Dude also brought me a cornucopia:

Believe me, half those tomatoes are already eaten and will probably be gone by day’s end. This morning will include a trip to Palmer’s for bacon and ham-hock and to Lori’s for pan loaf and ogrets. I think a B-T sandwich is in order, and the ham-hock will be used in the stewed beans recipe below. And yes, there was a bag of basil as well, so there will have to be pesto.

Later that day, I took delivery of my Ooma, two days early. So now that big red phone actually has a dial tone.

Unfortunately, the first test—my weekly marathon call with my Mother—was not necessarily a success. I dropped her call twice. I am thinking it is because I used the 2.4 GHz rather than the 5 GHz on my home network. I was using the Ooma app so I could still access my airpods, and it just dropped the call. We’ll test it again next week.

The idea of this is to re-establish a “home phone” line in my abode. Too often, someone calls, and I flat-out miss the call because my iPhone is on a desk over there, or the ringer is off, or it requires a charge. A good old-fashioned analog phone won’t lead to the same problem. I mean, it actually rings and everything, which just tickles me way too much.

There is more testing to be done before I disseminate the new number widely. I think we’ll get there.

2 thoughts on “Monday Already?

  1. Farm grown veggies and an old fashioned phone that rings. It is the small things in life that matter, especially life with Covid.

  2. The green beans recipe was long a family favorite. When your Uncle John was in high school he had a fantastic vegetable garden that produced green beans and potatoes by the ton. Beans and new potatoes right out of the garden with ham hocks… delicious. However, I can’t imagine putting sugar in it… BTW we have a family member who does not like the whole greenies and ham thing… so I haven’t made it in years.

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