This Is Us, Season Five, Episode One (Spoiler Ahead)

I am about to write a little notion about the season premiere of NBC’s This Is Us, which aired last evening. If you are the rare viewer of this fine television program who hasn’t gobbled up every second already, stop reading. I’m about to put forward a theory, and it’s going to reveal a major happening on the show.

You good? Okay. Here I go.

So. She’s alive. Randall’s mother survived her overdose. I imagine her future at that point involves challenges. Perhaps some time in the slam. Maybe rehab. Weird to imagine that she ever sees William again, or maybe by then he’s moved on to Jesse. Regardless, we’re focused here on Randall’s birth mother, Laurel.

Because often, people who go through rehab decide to help others with similar issues. I’m thinking Laurel moves on to become a therapist at some point.

So now, Randall has fired Dr. Leigh due to the realization that there is an entire trove of issues he can’t talk to a white therapist about.

Do you see where I’m going here?

I say Randall is about to get referred to Dr. Laurel for therapy.

Dude will be in a rubber room by the end of the season.

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