Fun While It Lasted

From March 19 until June 22, 2020, I was as locked down as a person could be. The March date is the date I began working from home. I went in. They handed me a Mac and said guess what. You’re working from home. This was a week after the NBA suspended their season due to SARS-CoV-2. The June date was Father’s Day. On that day, there were 415 active cases in Monroe County. And I’ve been visiting those folks, or at least with my Dad, pretty much every weekend ever since.

On Friday, there were 1,887 active cases in Monroe County. Strong Hospital is at 100-percent capacity. Nationally, more than 184,000 cases were reported Friday. And now, they’re finding that this disease goes for your balls.

Covid cases in Monroe County, New York.

This is not to mention the anecdotes I’m seeing on the TV. The young woman who was wheeled into the ER on Sept. 28 and who is still lying in a hospital bed, too weak to speak in her full voice. The college student who tested positive one day and died alone in her dorm room two days later.

Yeah, I’m staying home.

It’s funny, on my weekly call with my Mom, we shared an experience from Friday, and we both kinda did the same thing. It had been announced that Impeached Preznit Carnage Loser was going to speak at 4 p.m. Bear in mind that he had not yet spoken publicly since he was defeated on Nov. 3. So, I put the television on, muted, with the intention of listening in the off chance that he might concede. He came out at 4:30-ish, and so I turned up the sound.

I muted it almost immediately. As did my Mom. So did you, probably.

It was pathetic. He stood there in same the Rose Garden where he promised magical websites and a testing site on every corner, and he tried to take credit for progress on vaccines, and he told us the economy is wonderful, and he told us the COVID numbers are so terrific, on a day when the number for new cases in the United States was nearly cresting to 200,000 daily. This guy reportedly hasn’t attended a COVID Task Force meeting in five months. I couldn’t listen. I couldn’t stand to. The only words I want out of this idiot’s mouth is “I concede.”

Meanwhile, Martha Raditz is on my TV this morning interviewing these geniuses in Ohio who A) just don’t believe that Joe Biden won the election and who B) just don’t believe in wearing a covering over their schoz.

Guess who they voted for?

Raditz also provided one of the more entertaining exchanges of the Sunday morning shows in her interview with John “Why Are We Still Listening to John Bolton” Bolton, where Bolton was all like, Republicans need to come out and admit that Biden won, and Raditz was all like yeah, but they’re not doing that, and Bolton was all like, yeah, but they should. This is the man who could have provided vital context toward ending this horrible nightmare in January but chose not to because he wasn’t fond of the process. Bolton could have been this decade’s John Dean but chose to sell a book instead. Why is he on my TV?

Look, Trump lost. Joseph R. Biden Jr. is President-Elect, and he will be taking the oath on January 20, 2021. COVID is real and has now killed 245,000 Americans, and the most effective way to avoid its spread is to cover your schnoz and piehole when you go out. And you do that not just for you but for me, too. Because I haven’t sat at a bar for a burger and a beer with my Pop in nine months, and now I’m even nervous about a brief visit.

And none of this needed to happen. It’s ridiculous.

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