Weather Report

I’ve looked for years for evidence that Frank Zappa knew that Jaco Pastorius existed.

I have just found it astonishing that their paths never crossed or, more to the point, that Jaco never played for a Frank Zappa outfit.

I’m guessing that Jaco’s reputation as being somewhat of a showboater or his reputation for utilizing certain chemical substances preceded him. Or maybe Jaco was too busy making Joni Mitchell sound even more amazing.

However. This year, I have found a small, but reassuring, nexus. Cue drummer Chad Wackerman. Just for fun, we’ll drop in right at a drum break with Wackerman, Chester Thompson, and Terry Bozzio (this was originally broadcast via The Drum Channel, after all):

Go watch now

Zappa had a sign for “Weather Report,” specifically. So. Oh, yes. Zappa was aware of Jaco.

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