That’s Prince Fans For Ya

In July 2010, Prince released an album called 20Ten, but it was not released for sale in the United States. They gave it away in England, France, and Germany, stuffing them into periodicals in those countries. Of the unconventional release method, Prince said at the time, “the best way to go… no charts, no internet piracy and no stress.”

And no CD for Aaron!

Years later, thanks to a little gizmo called “Spotify,” I got to hear the thing, at least. And the thing is, it’s really good! It may be one of the better Prince albums, another pleasant surprise such as his Chaos and Disorder. I really came to enjoy 20Ten and, in fact, it often births earworms.

So in one of my Prince Facebook groups one day, someone brings up 20Ten. And I went on and on about my fanaticism for this album and lamented that I had not been able to acquire a copy because of the whole being a Yankee thing.

This guy responds: Hey, I have many copies of it, so, PM me your address, and I’ll send you one.

I did, and he did, and it arrived today, straight from Ireland. And, in fact, he sent two.

Prince fans are like that. Paisley Park is U no where it is.

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