Shot Got

“When are you gonna start?”

I joked with the nice lady after she got done administering my second COVID shot. It really was that well-administered, I barely felt the pinch. And, so far, 24 hours later, the only symptom I’m experiencing is a sore left arm.

The bad of it is that as I drove to the appointment (near Gates, of all places), I noticed the battery light was on. The car has been acting a little weird anyway, stuttering a bit at < 20 MPH. So, I set up an appointment at my local Monroe Muffler. I need a state inspection and an oil change (probably) anyway. The initial appointment, which I set up online, was 11:30 a.m. today. When I got there, the guy said they had sent an email suggesting Friday 9 a.m. Okay fine, probably better because it will allow more time before my shift starts. So I got back home and somehow got started with the next phase of my entertainment center rewire project. I think they turned out pretty nice. No more risk of crossed lines. Nice and neat. I like it.

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