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You never know what you can do without your Mac until it craps the bed on you. It started a month or so ago with a “hash volume mismatch” error, which I ignored of course. Then, a few days before I started my paid time off/Edinboro time, the thing just would not boot. It kept restarting and would not go to the desktop. The problem being. that vacation/Edinboro is when I like to do some computing. Journaling. Organizing. Goofing off on social media.

So that was annoying. And Saturday I took the thing to the Genius Bar, and they wiped the thing clean and said that would fix it. It did not. Still restarting, still throwing weird errors. I will be back at that location again Saturday. Fortunately, there is a nice Mexican restaurant nearby. So lunch will be nice.

I went to Best Buy yesterday hoping to find a Bluetooth keyboard to go with my five-year-old iPad so at least I could get some of this pent-up writing out of my system somehow. It was kind of hilarious. I was waiting in line so this fella could help me and this other guy came out looking for Charles. Then another guy came out asking about Charles. I sure hope Charles got helped. I sure didn’t. Dude nerd-snorted and directed me to Amazon. And we wonder why Main Street can’t compete.

So I went to Amazon and found a terrific little keyboard I’m typing on right now. It was delivered overnight to the little locker in Staples I use now because my neighbors steal things. It isn’t perfect, but it works and looks pretty cool.

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  1. And I have my computer people calling to tell me my ancient laptop has serious problems that need to be fixed. But it works fine.

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