Justin Pearson’s Afro

Let’s make it clear. Just Justin Pearson didn’t get thrown out on his ass in Tennessee today. It was Justin Pearson and his amazing afro.

Justin Pearson has a beautiful afro. He has beautiful black skin. He speaks beautifully. And he has razor-edge moral ideas.

The honkeys in the Tennessee legislature can’t have none of that.

So they voted without much in the way of due process to throw out Justin Pearson and Justin Johnson and to consider throwing out Gloria Johnson, three duly elected representatives to the state legislature of The Volunteer State, for the simple purpose that these three one week earlier had wanted to hear constituents’ concerns about gun violence in the wake of the previous week’s ghoulish murder of six people, including three children who should be fascinated by Batman and Taylor Swift rather than worrying about having their guts shot out and their bones shattered by guns.

This country is so disgusting.

These people could not even hear the argument. They couldn’t stand it. Even though they held every lever of power in their state, they had to stomp stomp stomp down anyone who even threatened to whisper that they were wrong. To even point at guns subtly as the actual problem. In Tennessee, you ain’t allowed to disagree. No discussion. No honest dialogue. Just f87k you. You’re black. Get out.

I am saying this to you. The Tennessee legislature just shot American democracy in broad daylight in the middle of Fifth Avenue. But the lovely thing is if you were watching the coverage tonight, you heard the people. You heard the people chant loud. You heard them chanting the names of today’s heroes. You heard them chanting in thanks.

To buttress our hope in this was Mr. Pearson, who preached here from the Tennessee House floor. Here he goes, let’s listen.

“We have got good news that Sunday always comes. Resurrection is a promise, and it is a prophecy. It is a prophecy that came out of the cotton fields. It is a prophecy that came out of the lynching tree. It is a prophecy that still lives in each and every one of us in order to make the state of Tennessee the place that it ought to be and so I still got hope because I know that we are still here and the we will never quit!”

Hallelujah. We will never quit.

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