It’s What’s For Dinner

I often have an internal debate on if cooking sous vide is worth the effort. I mean, you season the meat, then you gotta vacuum seal it, which uses a lot of plastic, then you gotta dunk it in water and ensure that it’s weighed down, and then you gotta throw it in a hot pan for a minute so it doesn’t look quite so ugly.

I have to say, though, these days, I’m leaning toward “worth it.”

Meanwhile, how about that Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

I have to say, I am not a fan of exposition. It’s lazy. In television, please don’t tell me, NCIS. It’s a visual medium. Show me.

But in the case of S5 Ep6, I mean, exposition was the point, and it was used smartly to bulldoze the story forward. It was couched within a story, within the event of our girl getting the honor of a lifetime, a Friar’s Club roast (this really needed a Jeff Ross cameo but okay) but I think this episode was the most talky-talk episode in the whole thing.

Yet, it was done so well, couched within a context, exposition without a wet towel smacking you in the temples, that you really didn’t notice you were being talkie-talked to. So good, and man, they moved mountains with gigantic excavators when it came to advancing this story in one simple episode.

I hope Susie gets to answer and/or make that call. Peace in our time, and tits up.

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