I Miss Hot Water In The Kitchen

But extreme fluctuations and temperature changes Have been known to crack pipes

Sitting home another day waiting for a plumber. Hed come on Friday and I thought hed done the job, which is to make sure that water doesnt go from my kitchen sink through the floor and through the ceiling in my bedroom below anymore. I thought he had of course only because hed had to turn off the water to do his work. Once the water was turned on againdripdripdrip

Once the hot water was turned off, the whole sink got bone dry real quick. Fortunately, this fact is a good trouble-shooter.

I reckon it pays to check your plumbers work before he leaves.

This means that I am working from the home office again today, deleting one file at a time from a recycling bin because the stupid content manager I have to work with does not offer a bulk purge and because many of these files may be interfering with our attempts to upgrade.

It also means I get to listen to an incredible interview with the one and only Tommy James on Howard. Man, what a hitmaker that guy was. Turns out though that the guys career was forever linked to this ting of ours. Nice. Though it does suck that he apparently uses a backing tape for his performance. Karaoke, anyone?

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