When All My Dime Dancing Is Through

FOR SOME REASON, the place to find decent Secret Santa swag in the Washington, D.C. Metro area is the CVS.

As you might know, there is a tradition in American offices known as the “Secret Santa,” which, despite the best efforts of the Right-Wing Douchebags responsible for the War on Christmas (that’s right, uh-huh, I said it), just loses its luster if it is called the “Holiday Swap” or some other such nonsense. I am not aware of when Santa became Jesus. I have for some time understood that he is actually meant to introduce children to the notion of a god-person in the sky, a bait-and-swap of exestential proportions, methinks. But, I digress.

I was just recently mentally streaming Steely Dan’s Aja,, so when I saw the thing sitting there in the pathetic little cutting bin next to the M&Ms and the fake reindeer flashing antlers hat thing with the big orange “$9.99” tag on it, I did snap it up. I don’t own it, and it is pathetic to see such a fine work of art sitting in a flea market.

This is one of a few albums I’ve considered lately of which I have worn out a copy once in my life, another being Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions, and another being Marvin Gaye’s What’ Goin’ On?. These are amazing collections of music; I wish anyone who trips over here a similar momentary obsession.

Yes, I added “Black Cow.” Also added a new clip from The Show, which is partially titled “Jingle Belch.” Had to. If you saw me on the Metro train today doubling over from laughter, yeah. That’s what I was hearing.

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