Big Brother 3

Big Brother…3?

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who divide people up into two groups, and those who do not.

Having said that, there are two kinds of people in the world, people who watch Big Brother, and people who absolutely do not understand the perceived madness of those who do.

I can see how those in that other crowd might believe it to be madness. I myself will admit to only a few of my Big Brother-related behaviors. I join show-related listserv groups. I search the Internet for updates. And yes, I have actually spent money to vote in the polls. But no, I have never jumped up around screaming to cheer on so-and-so during a head of household competition.

My point in bringing up Big Brother at this juncture: Big Brother is looking for houseguests for BB3.

While I am utterly elated that we will have another season, I do have a note of concern for the producers of this fine television program.

As we all know, MTV started the “reality television” boom with The Real World. When the show first aired, producers managed to populate its real world with real people, folks like you and me…well, with the exception of Puck. The new crews, however, have simply been pretty people, people who really aren’t very interesting.

I’m hoping CBS won’t make the same mistake. They improved production values dramatically in the second season, reducing Julie Chen’s role to focus more on the houseguests, making competitions less grueling and more fun (save except for the final HOH competition, which encouraged the three remaining houseguests to wet the bed), and placing voting powers within the house, not across the nation. I would hate to see the show turn into a place where the Kents and the Chicken Georges of the world wouldn’t stand a chance.

Thank you.

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