More Macaroni and Cheese Notes

I made another batch tonight, and I have a few notes for myself. Hey, practice makes perfect. And it was damned close. Goodness.

First, this time, I shredded the cheese. I figured shredded you’d get as close to a Cup of the stuff as you could. But I think it was better cubed. The sauce didn’t take on the same viscocity as when I’d cubed it. My theory here is that the cubed cheese takes longer to melt, giving the mess more time to cook. The shredded cheese melted into the sauce nearly immediately, so I had to move on before it had time to set properly, is my theory. It didn’t seem to affect the quality of the final dish, but still…

I wonder if there’s a stinkier cheese than sharp cheddar that would be good for this. You need a strong cheese because the stuff is so dilluted. Sharp cheddar works very well, but I do wonder if I might try something more pronounced.

I used an old hot dog bun for the bread. It got me 1.5 cups. I think I’d suggest going for two cups. And I think the right bread to use for this recipe is not an old hot dog bun and not Stove Top. The answer you’re looking for is “sourdough.” That might lend a bit of tang to it.

Do not skimp on the green onion, unless you’re preparing this for Mama Bonk, of course, then just skip it entirely. I used three for this batch. I could have gone to five. It really adds a zest to the recipe. Plus, technically, you’re eating a vegetable—in fact, you’re eating a really good vegetable.

Do I need to create a “macaroni and cheese” category? I know I may seem obsessed. But this is a dish I’ve wanted to learn for a long time. Only way to do that is to get in the kitchen and do it.

That is all.

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