An Executive Decision

Today, I have come to an executive decision.

I have in the past taken a lot of pride in the fact that I design and build this Web site on my own. However, it’s coming time to make a few decisions about how I want to proceed. Soon, I will have to ante up again to responsor this domain name and this host or to decide if existing service can suit my needs better. After having experimented with the Blogger system and successfully overlapping my existing design onto a Blogger template, it’s become clear that Blogger has a LOT more to offer than my current host for this purpose. With Blogger, I can offer commenting, I can update easily, with automatic date headers?not to mention a timestamp?and I can archive instantly. It is, quite simply, the right tool for the job.

Until my hosting contract is up in May, I will have the old domain point in this general direction. Hopefully, that’s enough time for folks to bookmark, if yer interested. This move will save me a lot of cash and will at the same time make this sucker a lot more fun.

Have a nice day.

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