Fornicating Monsters and the NBA Playoffs

At this moment, Radio B.O.N.K. is showcasing a playlist instead of the shuffle. The playlist is called “Fornicating Monsters.” I was always good at the segue. I’m telling you, kids, nobody could make a mix tape like Brady B. Bonk. It’s a shame it’s a lost art these days. But I can entertain myself this way now with my very own Internet radio station. I am not certain that the Doors’ “Alabama Song” works as well as it should. But there are some segues in there that are just, well, brilliant.

So when I was in Vegas, the place was abuzz about Pacquiao-Hatton. I even bought a hat and bought one for Papa Bonk. Wasn’t much of a fight I guess. I didn’t even catch it though it was on the HBO. That dude’s like Mickey the Piker I guess. Wham.

Denver-Dallas tonight. I for one don’t give a rat’s ass about this game. I just want a Cleveland-L.A. final. You kiddin’? I wanna see LeBron TAKE IT to that named-for-a-cut-of-meat fellow from Hollywood.

I mowed the lawn today and so now what?

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