To the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts:

I am writing to you regarding the generous offer and excellent plan by Saulius Paukstys to place a bust of Frank Zappa into Zappa’s city of birth, Baltimore.

Although Zappa spent more of his upbringing in California, his story always begins here on the east coast. I would think Baltimore would and should be beamingly proud of its role in the life of one of the finest artists and greatest Americans the 20th century offered.

Zappa was a fine musician and composer, an incredible guitarist, a keen businessman, and a politically astute man. He was a great American with a solid understanding of the United States Constitution and the scary consequences of breaching its intended protections. He was a brilliant, wonderful artist, and your Arts Office and your city as a whole should, in my humble opinion, embrace his image and his memory.

I guarantee that such a tribute would be a major offbeat tourist attraction in the D.C. metro area and would be a jewel for the great port city of Baltimore.

Aaron B. Pryor

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