Kings Of Leon

One of the best things about XM Radio is how easily it opens you up to new music, and one of the best ways to take advantage of that is to listen to Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure. He is, truly, an excellent deejay. You can tell this guy not only loves performing music but that he loves music generally.

I had not heard Kings of Leon until I heard them on Buried Treasure. He played a Strokes-sounding tune called Taper Jean Girl. (Of course this song sounds like The Strokes. Sitting in is Albert Hammond Jr.)

Immediately, the band strikes you as an interesting, unique musical venture, a striking, rocking musical energy, reminders of the Strokes and maybe the Georgia Satellites without the hackiness, with a tinge of Bonn Scott-era AC/DC. They are exceptional. They’re also badass and screamy.

I’m certainly going to be checking these boys out. They are awesome. Here’s the discography:

  • Youth and Young Manhood (2003)
  • Aha Shake Heartbreak (2004/2005)
  • Because of the Times (2007)

(By the way: Radio B.O.N.K. is now at 106 tracks and 5 hours 27 minutes. I have just added a few new tracks from The Pietasters, The Vogues, The White Stripes, and more…)

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