I may be late to the party, but I have just stumbled upon something called Pomplamoose. If you check them out, I promise you, it will be the coolest thing you do today.

Pomplamoose is Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, a couple of crazy kids who met at Stanford. They formed Pomplamoose and are pioneering a damned cool way of creating and disseminating their music: The videosong.

The videosong is the WYSIWYG of popular music. They vid themselves performing live. They dub the audio. They mix a hell of a song. They create a video out of it. But every word, every strum, every drumbeat is caught live on video. It’s quite an honest way to work.

And, they can afford the honesty. Her voice is just crazy good; while their sense of arrangement is just lovely. So, go. Watch Pomplamoose.

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