Happy Zappadan Eve, everybody.

Last year, following the thrill of the Zappadan holiday, I bugged some of the founders to let me take on a new job for it: Zappadan Twitter Captain.

The Zappadan Twitter account is to be my main contribution to the feast, though I will have some musings and some stocked-up walnuts I shall be sharing. But my main task, the way I see it, Barry, is to head up the effort on Twitter. It is a task I’ve worked on through the year.

For Zappadan, Twitter is a tool to bring a brand new audience. As of this, there are 209 followers, and they will receive links throughout the day to what clever, interesting things you folks have to write about Frank and, of course, there will be your reporting of the Zappadan Miracles.

I know that non-Tweeps find it difficult to grasp what I have come to refer to as “The Fierce Urgency of Twitter.” What’s the big deal, they say, that you can tell people what your having for breakfast and shit? I daresay nobody who claims this apathy for the tech has ever sat in a nerd conference listening to the speaker and that ongoing discussion while yet another burning discussion goes on in the Twittersphere, much of it zinging the guy at the front of the room. Or have watched a “Special Comment” with a buncha like-minded friends scattered across the country. Twitter is not about 140 characters. It’s not about breakfast. What separates Twitter from other social networking tech is its urgency, its purpose in the present. Many may find this quality to be fleeting. Those who stick with it, though, do so because they find it to be exhilarating.

If you’re not following @zappadan, please report immediately to www.twitter.com/zappadan and see what we’re up to. I think it’s really going to be something.

Here’s a few links already:

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