Many of you will soon be given this spiffy new Blogger URL for the Adventures blog. As is perennially the case with most blogger-folk, I have decided to make some drastic changes in how I run these things.

This sort of started when Dreamhost wrote and said I was using too much of their system sources. I have tended to use a lot of PHP scripts and such, but I didn’t think it were that many, for goodness sake. I don’t want to have to worry and fuss around with all of that. So, I hatched a plot to start moving all of my stuff back to free services. Might as well save myself $20 a month and fix Dreamhost’s wagon whilst I’m at it.

So, this is where this will reside for awhile. I rather like the notion of not paying for it. Besides, Blogger has improved a lot since I was using it three years ago. What it can’t do is run PHP, so I’m sort of one-handed here regarding online sorcery. What it can do that Greymatter didn’t do is to make users register to post comments, thus disallowing bot-spamming. Yay!

P.S. I am digging through archives and adding blasts from the past. You can do that with Blogger. : )

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