Great Expectations

I have just got in from session two today of moving snow. I did a fair bit yesterday while it was falling, so the porch was easy to clear, and the path to my car was easier to make. However, I’ve realized that I’ve planned this a bit incorrectly.

The path to work on first would have been to the sidewalk, not to the driveway. I will consider myself lucky if I get to drive by Wednesday, when I am scheduled to travel for Christmas (though I assume a plow might drive through here before then, certainly). But I will need to get to a bus stop tomorrow to get to the coal mines.

Actually, if I’d really been thinking, I would have stashed Esther the Car in a parking garage somewhere before it hit and bused back home. Then at least I’d have a car not buried under a tundra.

But, I have to admit. It was fun watching my Atlanta-native neighbor thinking he was going to get to drive today. That’s so cute!

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