Narcolepsy Is Funny. Daschunds Are Funny.

A narcoleptic daschund? That’s a HOWL.

Speaking of funny, on this board of geeks I’m on (yes,, someone posted the following query: “What is your favorite joke? Difficulty: Must be G-Rated.”

So, someone posted this excellent joke: Two muffins are in the oven, baking. One muffin turns to the other and says, “Man, it sure is hot in here.” The second muffin replies: “HOLY COW! A TALKING MUFFIN!”

So soon a bunch of weisenheimers are posting lame evolutions of said joke. So, I couldn’t help but pitch in.

So, there are these two beef anuses in an oven, that is, two anuses that have been butchered out of two cows, because, you see, in some parts of the world, broiled cow anuses are really where it’s at. And so the one beef anus says to the other beef anus, “Man, could life get any worse than this? Not only did our portion of the embryo grow to be the anus of a cow, but then it turns out that some guy comes along and saws us right out of that cow’s ass and slaps us onto a cookie sheet and into an oven. Man, I don’t know how our lives could be any more disgraceful.”

“Well,” says the second beef anus to the first beef anus. “You could be Colin Powell arguing President Bush’s case for war in Iraq before the United Nations.”

Whereupon, the first beef anus says, “Oh, sweet merciful Jesus, you are correct. There but for the grace of God goeth I, bitch!”

Two minutes later, I chimed in with, “Wait. I think I told it wrong.”

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