How's It Feel To Want?

So I think the host at Bennigan’s was a little retarded.

We walked in after having seen Batman Begins. We had eaten only popcorn for dinner. We were hungry and just this close to grumpy.

And so we walked in and said two, nonsmoking. And he looked at us and appeared to have some problem understanding that there were two people who wanted to sit in the nonsmoking section, as if he thought there were four of us. Then, he told us to wait a minute because all his servers were on the floor, which was odd because he could walk and there were a lot of empty tables in the restaurant.

So then, as he was seating us, he asked us if we wanted a booth. Sure, we said. That would be great.

Oh, he said, well, we don’t have any booths. Would you like to sit at this table?

I think this kid may be in the wrong business.

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