Never Marry a Theme

If I had advice to those who use a third-party hosted piece of software, such as a content management system, such as, say, WordPress which I utilize for fun, or, say, ProStores, which I utilize as part of my day job, it would be this: Don’t Marry a Theme.

Flexibility in this regard is key and can improve the functionality of your site. Worry about if it works before you worry about if it’s pretty. You can always hang up a new placard later.

So I had to change this theme here tonight; had to. The old one was doing something dreadful and I do not want to mess around trying to fix it. The damned thing was closing my comments despite the current settings, and I received a comment tonight that simply must go up, from the late Pete Schoettler’s wife, acknowledging my post about his passing and his brief career as a drum major, and I was not going to allow her comment not to be seen here.

Sorry Mom. As much as you like the old theme with me in the old Superman outfit, that theme gots to go. It wasn’t workin’.

And Nina, I’m so glad you found my post. Thank you.

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