Exhuming McCarthy

As a blogger, I have been telling you people that the Republican party is a useless, decrepit, stinky, corrupt, dangerous, rotting pile of stinky rotting matter for a long time. A long time. I have been saying it in person for even longer. If you didn’t hear me before, let’s say it again:

“The Republican party is a useless, decrepit, stinky, corrupt, dangerous, rotting pile of stinky rotting matter.”

Ten, maybe 20 years ago, I was marking the Republican Party with my pee. I was warning you. I was preparing you for the exorcism we are witnessing now.

I told you then that the Republican Party is horrible. That they hold evil in their jars. That their jars contain evil. That the Republican party hisses from its throat and shoots acid spit at you. I warned you of the future existence of Loerin Lobert and Maca Tyler Greene. I warned you this would happen. I worked a long time to warn you. I knew this would happen.

AND YET, HERE WE ARE. Both of us lonely. Both of us lonely. Still here we are. Sorry, earworm.

One lovely thing to have happened due to all this nonsense with the House Speaker election (the nominated TFG FFS) is that the Democrats have proven the the smartest MFs in the room. We are united. We give Hakeem Seikou Jeffries vote after vote after vote. He is gonna wear a cap one day that says 212 or better yet he’ll have it tattooed on his ass. 212. I am Hakeem. My new number is 212.

I am not sure when I have been more happy or proud or beaming with nuclear energy to be a Democrat. Our caucus recognized the power of unity and the character of our leader and we buckled down and took the strength. If this was arm wresting, we stabbed their wrists to the mat. If this was baseball, we caught that fly ball. If this was jazz, we were Charlie Parker.

But it was not those things. It was politics. And we were Democrats. And we won and continue to win.

McCarthy has never been a good name in Republican politics.

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

At long last?

Have you no sense of decency?

Things One Wonders at 1 a.m.

What is that weird white thing in my egg?

Via Yahoo! Sports:

That string is called a chalaza—pronounced kuh-LAY-zuh. According to the American Egg Board, eggs actually have two chalazae inside their shell. The chalazae are “twisted, cordlike strands of egg white” that anchor the yolk from the top and bottom of the shell membrane, keeping the yolk from getting busted before you crack the egg. In a fresh egg, the chalazae will be especially visible—so don’t feel like you need to remove them.