Mrs. Skannotto

I have effusive ramblings today for a band that’s playing at Temple Bar & Grill tonight: Mrs. Skannotto:

Gents, I just frankly became aware of you as you are playing in my neighborhood tonight. I can’t make it. But I am glad to know there’s a ska band in Rochester and so I’ve been checking you out on Bandcamp. I listened to your previous works a bit and then to Outlier.

You fellas have been taking your vitamins, haven’t you?

Your page says ya’ll are “ready to take 2014 to the next level.” Yeah, you did it. Not to deride your previous efforts, but Outlier will be seen as the album when that little ska/ska-core group from Rochester really hit its stride. This thing reminds me a little bit of Hello Rockview is what I’m saying.

Then you end it by covering “Games Without Frontiers?” And doing it well? I mean, has Mr. Gabriel heard this? I think it would make him happy.

Outlier is not just a good album, and it is not just better.

Outlier is a great album.

Thank you. Have a grand time at Temple Bar & Grille ; I may stop in later to see if there’s any merch left.

Seriously. Go check the music here, then go see them if you can.