July Boing the boing

My Friend Kerry: Sometimes when I go to a different Starbucks they ask for a name to write on the cup. Sometimes I just give them my last name. They usually spell that right. Never know how they’ll spell my first name!

Me: I have an entire Seinfeld-ian premise based on this. I mean try ordering coffee with a name like “Aaron.” The soft vowel at the start, the soft consonant at the end. The myriad of names you could mistake it for. Eric. Derek. Erin. Darin. My Aaron always gives the name “Eddie” when he orders sandwiches in a deli. But his friends always goof it up by calling him Aaron. So he starts insisting that his friends call him Eddie when they’re in the deli. This problem compounds when his friends start calling him Eddie outside of the deli. This pisses him off to no end, so his friends start upping the ante by calling him “Deli Eddie.”

Unbeknownst to any of them, there is a local crime family called the “Deliedies.” One day, one of their mobster rivals overhears them calling him “Deli Eddie.”

Hilarity ensues.

And now, some Poops from the CS188 Archive:

That Was A Totally Farcical Call

Today is the 20th anniversary of the greatest phony phone call of all time.

If you wonder why fans of The Howard Stern Show are the rabid creatures we are, take note. Events like this, that’s the stuff that binds us.

I was one of the fortunate ones to have been planted in front of a television set watching ABC when this happened. It was beautiful.

The event was duly noted at The Concourse.

Here the man himself tells the story:

Even better is the analysis of the event afterward by Al Michaels, which gives what I consider to have been Billy West’s finest moment: “Peter, if Nicole calls, be suspicious.”

Peace and love to Maury from Brooklyn, wherever you are.

Hooray! New YouTube Poop from cs188!