Late Night

It’s one of those nights (er…early mornings) where I know I don’t have to go into the office tomorrow so I can stay up as late as I want, goddamit, and so, I do. I watched “The Candidate” on AMC, damn, that’s a great movie. Now I’m surfing and looking for something to watch. I saw a commercial for some kind of hair replacement shoobie. I always laugh at that. Can’t help it. Dude, I’m going bald. I know it. It’s a mess up there. My grampa on my mom’s side was a horseshoe man by the time he was 28, I think. He was a man with a lot of integrity, and that integrity was manifested in part in the fact that the man never attempted the dreaded combover. I often tell the people I love, please, if I ever succumb to that, please, please please, unplug the life support immediately. I wrote a song once called “Drive,” and it has a good line in it: “When I get older, someday, man, I hope I lose my hair. At least, then, when I look in the mirror, I’ll know I’m there.” I think I was 24 when I wrote that. Looks like I’m getting my wish. I will admit to you that I’ve actually owned a container of Rogaine. I even kept the routine up for a few weeks. Then I realized the futility of it all and dumped it. There are some things in life that you just accept. For me, one of those things will have to be that I’m going to be a bald man.

So now I’m watching “Battlebots.” I swear, this is some of the best television ever; it was even before they got Carmen Electra. Look at these ‘Bots, beating the shit out of each other. ::laughing like Beavis:: That was cool.

Wow. Maybe I should go to sleep.


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