Me, Too, Actually

Jessica the Girlfriend and I were just trying to set the agenda for this weekend. The potential plan was to see Syriana, but I’m going to see her in sunny Maryland, and it’s not playing near her. The theater at Green Belt is playing Brokeback Mountain. Her stance on this subject is about right.

“I’m not really into seeing Brokeback Mountain. Not so much because they’re gay, but because they’re cowboys.”

We’ll probably end up staying at home and watching Glengarry Glen Ross from my Netflix queue.

Speaking of the movies, I just watched Howard Stern’s Private Parts again. It was worth seeing again, considering that I am knee-deep in Howard these days. I think I enjoyed it now more than when I saw it in the theater.

Now, a quick programming note: Due to technical difficulties (e.g., Yahoo! Webhosting SUCKS) I am once again starting from scratch. Archived posts should be up soon, tho.

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