Merry Christmas

I have just gotten back from a lovely Christmas in Rochester, N.Y. That is one hell of a drive, and the rain and snow and wind make it all the more pleasant. I was of course in a happy place in both directions, thanks to The History of Howard Stern, Act II, playing all this week on the Sirius/XM. I love this stuff, though I wish they’d just play the damned tapes already. But the History specials are awesome. It fills in a lot for me since this Cleveland boy could only be a listener from 1992.

Music is always a big part of the holidays at my Dad’s. I am entirely too predictible a gift giver, always handing over the telling-shaped box that makes them sarcastically say “Oh, I wonder what this is?” With Dad it’s always Zappa, and this year was no exception as he received a CD of Broadway the Hard Way. I am pleased with the purchase but displeased as with many Zappa CDs that the order was meddled with when it went digital. Track order on the vinyl was much different and made more sense. I will never understand why Zappa felt the need to meddle with his stuff so horribly.

“Spare Me A Little,” Johnny Rivers, New Lovers and Old Friends
“A Jacknife to a Swan,” Mighty Mighty Bosstones, A Jacknife to a Swan

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