Dexter: WTF?

I wish I could find again the cultural blog I was reading where the kid has been utterly dissatisifed with Dexter this season. He wrote that he believed the writers had gotten just plain lazy, taking wild shortcuts in story in some parts and relying too heavily on bloated exposition in others. After last evening’s season finale, I am with him.

And I think they know it sucks rocks, which is why Showtime aired a piece after where Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow got in front of a camera to gush about how intense or whatever they thought the finale had been. What a load. Sorry, friends, but with the Weeds season finale, you’ve got a lot to measure up to.

Spoilers commence here.

Questions. How in Hell did Dexter mess with Arthur’s oil cap? When did he have the opportunity? How did he track Arthur to his final resting place? Where did he finally do the deed, and was the location significant, or did I just miss that? When did Arthur have the opportunity to kill Rita? And why the hell did he bother to do it according to his ritual? And if he was going to kill her ritualistically, wouldn’t he have the mother of two kids leap off a building? And I just don’t buy that he’d be able to coerce Rita into that tub.

Which is where I would have led the season finale to go, actually. Arthur shows up and catches Rita as she shows up to collect her I.D. for the plane. He confronts her, tries to subdue her, but Rita is the one who successfully conquers the Trinity. Dexter shows up to find Rita standing over the big man’s body holding a bloody butcher knife. This would lead to an explosive fifth season, as Rita has to stand trial for murder. What questions would a trial bring out? Why was Arthur Mitchell—by then confirmed by police as Trinity—at Dexter’s house? Would Det. Batista perhaps catch some security cam footage of Arthur and Dexter’s confrontation at the police station earlier and connect a few dots? Might an inquest into Mitchell’s death eventualy expose The Dark Passenger? And how would Rita’s defeat of the Trinity Killer make Dexter feel? Would he feel envious that his wife was able to do what he could not? Emascualted that he was unable to protect his child, and that Rita was?

Sorry, there was nothing suspensful in Rita’s death. For many of us, it was simply a relief.

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