So I Bought an iphone

The old Treo is finally unusable enough to warrant a new gizmo. It was dropping calls, the apps were sluggish, I think the Windows Mobile OS was finally just giving up the ghost.

I have been vacillating between a Droid and an iPhone for quite some time now. I have at last settled on the iPhone, mAainly due to the fact that in every Droid user review I have seen, the reviewer ultimately gets down to “well…it’s not an iPhone, but…” If you have to compare it to the iPhone to review it, why not just buy the friggin’ iPhone?

Besides. I know how it works since I own an iPod Touch. And I figure it’s at its third iteration at this point, so the bugs are out of it. And, it’s more accessorizable than the Droid, which has exactly one accessory you can buy. So, at last, we have joined the ranks.

Happy new year.

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